Life experiment in search for a meaningful life

This year was meant to be the year of being a chef. You know, there are cooks, who can make a decent meal by following the recipe. And there are chefs. Chefs understand the rules and know how to break them. They get into the flow and create something unthinkable and something beautiful.

That is exactly how I ended up here. On the verge of quitting my fancy consulting job to go an adventure to create my own recipe for life. I’ve started small, by asking myself every time I did something – ‘Is this what I really want or is it an autopilot? Can I do it differently, can I do it better?

I am an innovator by trade. What that means is I that can come up with new stuff – products, services and so on. The first rule of any innovation project is ‘fail fast’. That doesn’t mean intending to fail, the emphasis here is on ‘fast’. Instead of investing years of time and human effort and tons of money, you get practical quick and see if your new thing makes sense.

In the business world you would develop a prototype or a proof of concept – something quick & dirty that doesn’t need much time or investment. It can be a web page showcasing your new product (that doesn’t even exist yet). The goal is to see how the market reacts – do people want it, do they want it the way it is or should it be tweaked? It helps to quickly gauge what your users want and adapt your concept. By the time you invest in your innovation – you know it’s something worth building.

I’ve gone through that process many times & was fascinated by how simple the logic is. When I found myself in the situation not knowing what my next life step should be, I thought – ‘I have so many scenarios in my head and no way to find out which one will resonate most. Why not do a lean experiment? Get real quick and see what sticks?‘.

That’s how I arrived at this moment. Having a long list of every possible self I could be (that took a while to arrive to, I will make sure to write a separate post on that) and a vague plan on how I am going to experiment.

The first thing you do when planning an experiment is you list all your hypotheses you want to test. That is exactly what I am going to do in my next post. Stay tuned!

Published by Natalya Permyakova

I am a life startupper and life change coach. I run a life experiment in search for a more fulfilling life and help others do the same.

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